Monthly Archives: August 2012

It is all in the name.


Today I am going to explain our name – Rick Marsh.  It was all my mother’s idea.  Her name is Mary Gary and mine is Shirley Vick.  Rick is a combination of Gary-Vick (Rick) and Marsh is a combination of Mary-Shirley (Marsh).  You should see all of the questions about our name on Etsy.  I will be including our link to Etsy in the next day or two.



Shirely V.


Why read this blog?


Why should someone read this blog?  We want to show everyone how we create.  From dyeing fabrics to creating a project.  I do a lot of hand-dyeing of fabrics that my mother, Mary Gary, will use in a creation.  She inspires me to create new items.  She always inspires me to come up with new dye jobs.  We have just started this blog so keep your eyes open for us and the different projects that we work on.  We would love to share with you and maybe even inspire someone to start sewing.

Thanks ever so much,

Shirely Vick