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Hello, I am back.


I think that the title here says so much.  I do regret that I have not been making posts but I have been trying to get items listed in our shop for the Christmas season.  We have everything in the shop that we are going to have so I have decided to start focusing on our blog.  I have spent so much of the day thinking about exactly what direction I want to take this blog.  I finally decided.  I want to show that sewing and decorating fabric does not have to be a tedious job.  With sewing and fabric embellishment you have the opportunity to show how special and unique you are.  It certainly does not have to be hard of difficult either.  I am going to try to show you, as best that I can, that it can be fun and easy.  Not everything is easy.  Pick and choose what you want to do.  If you don’t want something hard simply stay away from it.  Most authors of how to books on these subjects tell you how easy or difficult a project is.  That is another topic there.  You do not have to go out and pay a high price for these how to books.  Go to your local library.  I know that ours in the small town that I live in has so many books  on these topics that I can not even begin to guess how many.  Since you are reading this then you obviously have access to the internet and there are sooooooo many sites that have instruction on fabric topics.  I will share with you as best that I can.  I am also going to be learning with you.  I don’t know everything – I will be the first to admit that.  I want to learn though.  If anyone wants to tell me something because I will be ignorant of things then please do so.


In the next couple of days I will start a new project and I will include the best pictures that I can.  I will see you then.




Making Brooches.


Brooches in different stages.I have lots of scraps of fabric leftover from all of my sewing.  In order not to waste this fabric I decided to start making yoyos out of them to use in the future.  Then I was inspired to make brooches/pins.  This is using found objects such as fabric, buttons, lace, etc.  This picture shows the first brooches I have ever made in different stages of completion.  I am  going to list them in the shop that my mother and I have on Etsy.  The link to our shop is at the top of the page if anyone wants to come by and see what we have.  I will be listing these brooches tomorrow in our shop.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday


I am the member of a team on Etsy and we are having a listing/posting blitz on November 23, 2012 – known as Black Friday.  Many of us will be having sales at that time.  Our shop,, will be having a 20% off sale.  All of the team members hope that you will come by and look for the blitz.  There will be a large number of patterns being listed all day.


Thank you,

Shirley Vick