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These patterns are approx. 100 years old.

These patterns are approx. 100 years old.

I found these patterns at an antique store that is not too far away from where I live.  I find vintage patterns of this age so interesting for many reasons.  It is not just that the paper has lasted this long but also the styles of the clothing, the difference in the patterns themselves and I wonder how many different people have owned these patterns and who has looked at them.  This small example is by no means the entire number of this type of vintage patterns that I purchased.  I have many more.  I will be selling some in our shop on Etsy – maybe.  I just don’t know if I can get myself to sell them.  I am getting a vintage pattern collection started.  One of these days I will show the collection to you.

Vogue pattern

Vogue pattern

Can you believe that this is a Vogue pattern.  My how they have changed!


Works in Progress.



These are the projects that I have been working on this weekend.  All but one of them is made from hand dyed or painted fabric that I did myself.  I am rather proud of them.  All of these will be listed in our shop on Etsy soon.  The ring will not though.  I was just practicing with this one.  It is very comfortable on my hand.  That is my hand in the photo.  All of these brooches were made with hand needle and thread and glue.  That is it.  I forgot one important element – time.  Working on all of these at the same time does require quite a bit of time.  I was also making fabric necklaces.

Fabric and bead necklace.


New necklace 002

I just finished this and had to post it.  Sorry Sue.  I got the inspiration for a how to magazine and the combination of the beads and the fabric.  I added color to the fabric with fabric paint in the watercolor effect.  I absolutely adore it.  This necklace is somewhat of catch as catch can.  It turned out better than what I expected.  Now I will have to go to town tomorrow and wear this necklace.  I will also be making some more to put into our shop.  This will not be done immediately.  There are going to be some changes to our shop but sometime in January.

This necklace took me all day to make but I have never done any beading before.  I know that this is simple beading but it still took me all day long.   It is definitely my Q-factor.

New necklace 003

Some of my Q factor.


juki and yoyo necklace 003

This is a necklace that I make that represents my Q-factor.  All of the yoyos are made from fabric that I dyed.  This is the first time that I have made an accessory like this.  I must say that I am rather proud of it.  I used a pattern as a guide to construct this.  The pattern was an inspiration.  I can never make something just as the instructions indicate.  I guess that you could say that I don’t follow instructions to well.  Maybe one could say that I am just too independent.  That aside.  I have worn this and I really like it.  It screams who I am.  This is one of my Q-factors.

yoyo 001

This is a yoyo necklace that I made for my Mum.  This is her Q-factor.  She like accessories that are more plain than I do.  She is not accustomed to standing out like I am.  The two of these yoyos were so easy to make.  A little bit of hand sewing and quite a bit of glue.  That is it.  Well, there is hand dyed fabric in this necklace too.  A person does not have to dye fabric to make something like this.  Old clothing could be used or any scraps that are large enough to construct a yoyo.  No one else will ever have a necklace like one of these.  Sew unique!

Needle Felting – Something New


first felting 001

I had to put my baby into the shop to get serviced.  I will be without her for a week.  I didn’t know what I would do with myself.  Upon the urging of my mother  and my friend Sue Forey, who has a terrific shop on Etsy, I decided to use my time felting.  I have a needle-felting machine that I have owned for 7 or 8 years and I have used it only once.  I was unable to sleep so this is what I spent 3 hour s doing during the night.  I had never done any needle-felting on a garment before.  I was also fortunate that I found a stash of yarn that I had purchased on clearance at Hancock’s Fabrics about 2 years ago.  I had forgotten about it.  I took me 3 hours because I had not done this before.  Towards the end I had started to pick up speed.  It is always that way when you start something new.  By the time the end of the week that my sewing machine is going to be out I will really be well on my way to getting this felting done quickly.  This has given me the opportunity to show my individualism – how I am unique.  I am able to show others that I am not a mass-produced person.  This is just embellishing a garment.  Just wait until I show you not just embellishing a garment but the embellishment of a garment that I make.  Trust me it will be good.  At least I hope that it will.  I will be doing some embellishments that I have not done before.

Be watching for future projects that I will be doing.  I will share everything that I can with you.

You are not mass produced.


As we all know, we live in a mass produced world.  There is not much out there that is unique and individual unless we find someone who makes what we want or we do it ourselves.  How can one person show their individuality, show that he or she is unique.  That person learns a craft or skill in which they are able to show that uniqueness.  One of the easiest way for me is to use a sewing machine.  I enjoy the creation of the color on the fabric and the construction of the item that I am making.  I have to admit that I never follow the instructions exactly.  I am fortunate that I have enough experience sewing that I don’t have to follow the instructions exactly.  Besides that I have to alter every garment pattern to fit my height.  Therefore I tweek the item that I am making.  That gives me a lot of opportunity to show my uniqueness.  I like to do that and I am not nervous about being different from the crowd because I have always been different.  I want to be able to show the people that I am around that I am not mass produced.  There is no one else out there like me.  With everything off of the rack or shelves I would look as if I were mass produced.  When I sew something I really let people know about my uniqueness.

Learn a skill to allow you to show your uniqueness.  It does not have to be sewing.  That is what I like to do.  You will find what you like.  Go and show the world that you are not mass produced!

The Finished Bowl


rosettes and bowl 005

Here is my finished bowl.  I changed the color by brushing on diluted fabric paint that is a sparkling copper color.  I painted on some green areas to be the leaves and defined them with a black marker.  I have just learned how to make the rosettes.  I have burned my fingers many times with the hot glue when making these rosettes.  It is obvious that I still need to work on making the rosettes but I am improving.  I have decided to make this a fruit bow.  I am pleased with it.  I do realize that more practice is required but a person does not try something new and instantly be perfect at it.  Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.