What is your Q-factor ?


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What in the world is a q-factor you may be asking.  I did not know either until I was reviewing the book above to get some inspiration.  Then I saw the section titled “Embrace the Q Factor”.  Well, I had to read it.

In a nutsell the q-factor is the uniqueness of your wardrobe that makes it all you.  It is your clothing trademark.  It is what you are known for.  For instance a signature item or theme that you are known for.  For instance a man may be known for always wearing a baseball cap/style or always casual and wearing a t-shirt.  Perhaps you like wearing a certain color.  That could be your q-factor.  Perhaps you like to wear western jeans all of the time.  It could be the style or type of shoes that you always wear.  Your q-factor could also be dictated by health issues that you may have.  What ever your q-factor is make the most of it.  Embrace it and be proud of it.  If it is ‘different’ from most of the rest of the crowd, so what.  It is one thing that makes you who you are and what could possibly be wrong with that.  There is so much freedom of style and expression today that you should put it out there for the world to see.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to go and do something illegal or socially unacceptable.  Don’t try to wear something that you are not just to get attention.  Wear what makes you feel good and comfortable, what makes you feel inner strength.  That is also known as power dressing.

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That is what the q-factor is.  We all have it.  Discover yours and wear something fabulous.  Sometimes fabulous is in the details.  To set what you wear from everything else out there you can add eye-catching details or embellishments.  This is what our blog is about.  What you can do to add unique style.  Sewing on embellishments or unique details is not hard.  Just do it  and you can make your own individual statement about something special about you.  Go for it.

This what many of the next posts are going to be about.  Sewing does not have to be seen as a tedious, thankless chore to do.  It can be a tool to use to show who you are.  We hope that you will follow along with us and let us know what you think along the way.


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