You are not mass produced.


As we all know, we live in a mass produced world.  There is not much out there that is unique and individual unless we find someone who makes what we want or we do it ourselves.  How can one person show their individuality, show that he or she is unique.  That person learns a craft or skill in which they are able to show that uniqueness.  One of the easiest way for me is to use a sewing machine.  I enjoy the creation of the color on the fabric and the construction of the item that I am making.  I have to admit that I never follow the instructions exactly.  I am fortunate that I have enough experience sewing that I don’t have to follow the instructions exactly.  Besides that I have to alter every garment pattern to fit my height.  Therefore I tweek the item that I am making.  That gives me a lot of opportunity to show my uniqueness.  I like to do that and I am not nervous about being different from the crowd because I have always been different.  I want to be able to show the people that I am around that I am not mass produced.  There is no one else out there like me.  With everything off of the rack or shelves I would look as if I were mass produced.  When I sew something I really let people know about my uniqueness.

Learn a skill to allow you to show your uniqueness.  It does not have to be sewing.  That is what I like to do.  You will find what you like.  Go and show the world that you are not mass produced!


About justsewbyrickmarsh

My mother, Mary Gary, is my partner. She is also my inspiration. She is really a grand woman. She taught me how to sew and we continue to learn more together. Come along and watch as we just sew. Shirley Vick

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