Some of my Q factor.


juki and yoyo necklace 003

This is a necklace that I make that represents my Q-factor.  All of the yoyos are made from fabric that I dyed.  This is the first time that I have made an accessory like this.  I must say that I am rather proud of it.  I used a pattern as a guide to construct this.  The pattern was an inspiration.  I can never make something just as the instructions indicate.  I guess that you could say that I don’t follow instructions to well.  Maybe one could say that I am just too independent.  That aside.  I have worn this and I really like it.  It screams who I am.  This is one of my Q-factors.

yoyo 001

This is a yoyo necklace that I made for my Mum.  This is her Q-factor.  She like accessories that are more plain than I do.  She is not accustomed to standing out like I am.  The two of these yoyos were so easy to make.  A little bit of hand sewing and quite a bit of glue.  That is it.  Well, there is hand dyed fabric in this necklace too.  A person does not have to dye fabric to make something like this.  Old clothing could be used or any scraps that are large enough to construct a yoyo.  No one else will ever have a necklace like one of these.  Sew unique!


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