Fabric and bead necklace.


New necklace 002

I just finished this and had to post it.  Sorry Sue.  I got the inspiration for a how to magazine and the combination of the beads and the fabric.  I added color to the fabric with fabric paint in the watercolor effect.  I absolutely adore it.  This necklace is somewhat of catch as catch can.  It turned out better than what I expected.  Now I will have to go to town tomorrow and wear this necklace.  I will also be making some more to put into our shop.  This will not be done immediately.  There are going to be some changes to our shop but sometime in January.

This necklace took me all day to make but I have never done any beading before.  I know that this is simple beading but it still took me all day long.   It is definitely my Q-factor.

New necklace 003


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