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Mary’s new creations.


blog post for 1.29.13 007

This is a new creation by my mother, Mary.  She was inspired to create a personal place mat.  It is smaller than a regular place mat but it is not intended to be used as a regular place mat.

blog post for 1.29.13 003

This place mat is the perfect size for folding up and putting into you luchbag to take with you to work.  Then you put your personal place mat in front of you on the breakroom table for your own personal space during lunch as show in this picture.

blog post for 1.29.13 005

It also works great with a bowl.

blog post for 1.29.13 006

It also works great when it is a day when you just want a bowl of soup and to sit in front of the TV curled up on a couch or in a comfie chair.  It is the perfect size to keep you from burning your hand.

blog post for 1.29.13 008

Mary was also inspired to create these bookcovers/bookmarks.

blog post for 1.29.13 009

As you can see in this photo, the back of the cover is long enough to mark your spot in the book that you are reading.


Yoyo necklaces in the making.


New listing for Etsy and blog post 001

Here are some necklaces that I am working on.  They consist of fabric yoyos and buttons.  I am trying to use the buttons as a strong focal point of the yoyo pendents.  I am still working on completing these.  My friend, Sue, has really encouraged me to make some of these.  I am afraid that I have not been too quick about it because I have been working on so many other projects.  I do have some more fantastic ideas for yoyo necklaces whirring around in my head.  As I work out these ideas and construct these necklaces I will be sharing many of the steps with you.  I am having a great time making these.  One thing is so very true – no one will ever have one just like any of these.  After these are finished they will be listed in our shop on Etsy.  Stay tuned for more of these projects in the near future.

New handmade rings and a necklace.


Jewelry preview 007

These are some rings that I made yesterday.  I am showing them here before I get them listed.  Does anyone have a comment?  I would love to hear it.  The fabric in the two colored rings I colored with fabric paint  and I used vintage buttons.  The button in the center ring is  a button made from stone.  All of these rings are adjustable.

Jewelry preview 010

This is the necklace that I made from fabric and beads.  The ring is in the previous photo.  I just thought that I went well with the necklace.

All of these will be listed shortly in one of our shops.

My pajamas and my robe.


blog post 004

This is a pajama top that I have finished.  It is very comfortable.  I chose this fabric because I had it and I need to get a number of pajama sets made quicker than later.  I do have shorts that go with this top but I am not able to put pants or shorts on this dress form.  If the situation had been different and I did not need to made pajamas in such a short time period I probably would have chosen a different fabric.  I just would not have considered this fabric first.  now that I have some items made I rather like it.  Isn’t it quirky?  It is also very comfortable.

blog post 006

This is the robe that I have made.  Okay, I must confess.  I am finishing the band on the inside.  I am sewing it by hand but you can’t see it.  I have an acquaintance that wants to see my robe so I put it on my dress form.  You can’t see the pins.  Take my work for it.  I have never made a robe before.  Again, it is a different color, but I like the fabric.  This robe is too big for me but due to medical reasons I will be needing loose-fitting garment for a while.  This is loose-fitting.

Ooops! My Mistake.


blog post 003

I have to confess that I made a mistake.  I was trimming this part of the handbag to fit into the frame and I cut it too close.  Now it will not fit.  Look in the photo at the end of the pointer.  Do you see how it does not fill the frame?  It obviously needs to be wider in this area.  I do not know how to use purse frames so I went to and put ‘purse frames’ into the search and I found a few pins that gave an explanation.  I am going to give it a try again.  I am fortunate that I have more fabric.  I won’t get rid of this though because I may come across another frame that it would fit.  I wanted to show this to you and try to explain how this is not going to work because even experienced seamstresses don’t know how to do everything and we make mistakes.  That is one of the ways that you learn is by making mistakes.  As I said I will be having another go at this and I will keep you informed.

More steps in the handbag project.



I would like to start this post today by apologizing for not making a post yesterday as I said that I would.  I must admit that I have some painful medical problems and my activities are restricted at times.  That said, in this picture I am showing how seams must be set with an iron.  Doing this will give a much crisper item.  It does not matter if it is a garment or an accessory.  In this photo you can see that the two pieces were sewn with right sides together.


As you can see in this photo the pattern for the handbag does not quite fit the handbag frame.  That means that I must get out my marking chalk and do some trimming.006

I hope that you can see in this photo that the hinge part does not meet the spot in which stitching stopped.  Let’s see how well I can fit the pieces to the frame.


I think that it went well.  I had to mark, cut, re-mark and re-cut a few times but it looks as though it will fit.


This is the difference between the pattern and what will fit the frame.  The lining fabric is behind the outer fabric.  Excuse me while I do a bit more trimming.


This is the lining fabric after the trimming and after I have sewn the ‘gussets’ into the corners.  I have used the lining fabric because it is easier to see just what has been done and not be distracted by the pattern.  I will be doing the same to the fabric that is going to be on the outside of the handbag.  What do you think.  I am liking how this is starting to look.  As I have stated before I have never made a handbag using a purse frame.  I still have that to do.  In my next post I will be showing the steps that I must take to finish the handbag.  I hope that you will come back and see how I do.  I am looking forward to seeing how this will turn out.