New project and the inspiration.


blog post 1.9.13 005

I saw the photo in the magazine shown here and I really liked it.  I immediately thought of the home decor fabric with the floral type print that you see next to the photo.  I thought that the special event handbag would be the perfect style for this fabric.  I found the fabric and cut out the pattern as you can see here.  I also found this luscious burgundy velvet home decor fabric.  Both pieces came from my mother, Mary, who is my partner in all that I do.  I have no idea how long she had the fabric but I like both.  That burgundy fabric will make some really lovely handbags in the near future.  My plan is to make the first handbag as a practice model.  I have not worked with handbag frames before so this is the opportunity to practice.  I must say though that if it turns out good I may put it in our shop.  Those of you who read my blog will be with me as I see how it turns out.  Aren’t you lucky.

blog post 1.9.13 007

This is the pattern pinned to the lining fabric which is some lovely linen.  The color goes so well with the floral print fabric.  This pattern is so simple to pin and cut out.

blog post 1.9.13 008

In this photo I am showing how I forgot to mark the spot for stitching to stop as shown at the end of the pointer in the photo.  This is where the hinge of the frame will be.  I must stop stitching at the same spot on the lining fabric.  There are many ways to go back to put in the marking where stitching is to stop.  I have chosen to lay the fabric that has the marking on top of the lining fabric and to push a stick pin through, lift the marked fabric slightly and to mark the area where the pin is touching the lining fabric with a marking pencil.  There are numerous ways to go back and put in markings that were overlooked.  The stitching on both the bag fabric and the lining are simple straight stitching.  I do reverse stitching at both the beginning and ending of the stitching to reinforce.

Tomorrow I will be showing there will be more pictures of many of the following steps in making this handbag.  Please come back and finish going through the project with me.


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