More steps in the handbag project.



I would like to start this post today by apologizing for not making a post yesterday as I said that I would.  I must admit that I have some painful medical problems and my activities are restricted at times.  That said, in this picture I am showing how seams must be set with an iron.  Doing this will give a much crisper item.  It does not matter if it is a garment or an accessory.  In this photo you can see that the two pieces were sewn with right sides together.


As you can see in this photo the pattern for the handbag does not quite fit the handbag frame.  That means that I must get out my marking chalk and do some trimming.006

I hope that you can see in this photo that the hinge part does not meet the spot in which stitching stopped.  Let’s see how well I can fit the pieces to the frame.


I think that it went well.  I had to mark, cut, re-mark and re-cut a few times but it looks as though it will fit.


This is the difference between the pattern and what will fit the frame.  The lining fabric is behind the outer fabric.  Excuse me while I do a bit more trimming.


This is the lining fabric after the trimming and after I have sewn the ‘gussets’ into the corners.  I have used the lining fabric because it is easier to see just what has been done and not be distracted by the pattern.  I will be doing the same to the fabric that is going to be on the outside of the handbag.  What do you think.  I am liking how this is starting to look.  As I have stated before I have never made a handbag using a purse frame.  I still have that to do.  In my next post I will be showing the steps that I must take to finish the handbag.  I hope that you will come back and see how I do.  I am looking forward to seeing how this will turn out.


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