My pajamas and my robe.


blog post 004

This is a pajama top that I have finished.  It is very comfortable.  I chose this fabric because I had it and I need to get a number of pajama sets made quicker than later.  I do have shorts that go with this top but I am not able to put pants or shorts on this dress form.  If the situation had been different and I did not need to made pajamas in such a short time period I probably would have chosen a different fabric.  I just would not have considered this fabric first.  now that I have some items made I rather like it.  Isn’t it quirky?  It is also very comfortable.

blog post 006

This is the robe that I have made.  Okay, I must confess.  I am finishing the band on the inside.  I am sewing it by hand but you can’t see it.  I have an acquaintance that wants to see my robe so I put it on my dress form.  You can’t see the pins.  Take my work for it.  I have never made a robe before.  Again, it is a different color, but I like the fabric.  This robe is too big for me but due to medical reasons I will be needing loose-fitting garment for a while.  This is loose-fitting.


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