Ooops! My Mistake.


blog post 003

I have to confess that I made a mistake.  I was trimming this part of the handbag to fit into the frame and I cut it too close.  Now it will not fit.  Look in the photo at the end of the pointer.  Do you see how it does not fill the frame?  It obviously needs to be wider in this area.  I do not know how to use purse frames so I went to and put ‘purse frames’ into the search and I found a few pins that gave an explanation.  I am going to give it a try again.  I am fortunate that I have more fabric.  I won’t get rid of this though because I may come across another frame that it would fit.  I wanted to show this to you and try to explain how this is not going to work because even experienced seamstresses don’t know how to do everything and we make mistakes.  That is one of the ways that you learn is by making mistakes.  As I said I will be having another go at this and I will keep you informed.


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