Mary’s new creations.


blog post for 1.29.13 007

This is a new creation by my mother, Mary.  She was inspired to create a personal place mat.  It is smaller than a regular place mat but it is not intended to be used as a regular place mat.

blog post for 1.29.13 003

This place mat is the perfect size for folding up and putting into you luchbag to take with you to work.  Then you put your personal place mat in front of you on the breakroom table for your own personal space during lunch as show in this picture.

blog post for 1.29.13 005

It also works great with a bowl.

blog post for 1.29.13 006

It also works great when it is a day when you just want a bowl of soup and to sit in front of the TV curled up on a couch or in a comfie chair.  It is the perfect size to keep you from burning your hand.

blog post for 1.29.13 008

Mary was also inspired to create these bookcovers/bookmarks.

blog post for 1.29.13 009

As you can see in this photo, the back of the cover is long enough to mark your spot in the book that you are reading.


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