The Fabric of Your Wardrobe.


This post is going to continue the discussion about fabrics and to start the discussion about the look that you are wanting to achieve.  I will be continuing to use the ‘McCall’s Step-by-Step Sewing Book’.  That is book is concise and to the point without being short on the information provided.  I have the need to comment on one of my opinions that I know not everyone will share but I am so passionate about it that I will make a comment.  Have any of you looked and current pattern catalogues?  I did the other day when my mother was staying with us.  That was a complete waste of time.  It was awful.  I did not find one pattern that interested me in the least.  The lines of all of the garments were awful.  There was no design.  Most of them seemed to be thrown together.  It did not take long for me to be thankful that there are vintage patterns that have survived.  Most vintage patterns have good lines and proportions in addition to good style and taste.  There, I have stated my opinion.  What do you think?  It would be great if some comments were left.  I would like to hear what others have to say.


There is a table in this book that talks about figure flaws and suitable solutions.    Some of these flaws include heavy hips, small and large bust lines, short and long waists, long and short neck, etc.  Solutions to these common problems  can be found in many places so I am not going to go into detail.  I want to talk about fabrics.  The color and texture of the fabric that you choose can enhance your look or take away from the look that you are going for.  You don’t want to destroy the look that you are trying to create by choosing the wrong fabric.  I will admit that I have done that numerous times.  The first quality that you want to consider is reflection of light.  A lustrous, shiny fabric will reflect light and increase your size.  A dull fabric will minimize your size.  Heavy and bulky fabrics that have texture tend to conceal your figure too.  Light to medium weight fabrics don’t seem to influence the size and shape of you.  Stiff fabric conceals your silhouette but can increase your size.  Clingy fabrics show off your figure and can distort it or make it appear larger.


Fabrics with a print can have  a flattering effect on your figure if chosen carefully.  Horizontal motion will create a rounder appearance while a vertical motion will create height.  When choosing stripes analyze how your eye reacts to the pattern when held up to you.  Ask another shopper that is close by or go seek one out.  Most customers and sales associates in a fabric store or department are more than willing to give their opinion.  Large and bold prints and plaids can overpower a small figure while small ones can get lost on a large figure.  Fabrics with a medium size and all over pattern are generally the most flattering.  In my opinion, a large print fabric for a skirt can help to hide large hips or a large bottom.  Now, only if the right print with the right background color can this be achieved.  The best way to hide flaws is to use a solid and not a light colored one.  The brighter the color the larger your figure may seem.  When using two colors in an outfit your height will appear shorter.  To draw attention to a pleasing feature use color accents.  A contrasting or complimentary colored color, belt, accent to the bottom of the skirt or pants.

When choosing what to make keep in mind what the occasion is and what your needs are.  At this moment I am making garments that are loose-fitting and not that flattering to my figure because of a medical situation and more situations that are coming in the near future.  Essentially, the garments that I am making are not much more than the proverbial potato sack.  That is what I need for the situations.  However, I believe that even a loose-fitting garment can be made to look good just by choosing the right fabric depending on what look I am going for.  I believe that the fabric should do the talking , so to speak, for the garment.  This is a link to a blog interview on Etsy  Read it and judge for yourself, please.  For the most part I like to keep the lines of my garments simple and streamlined and let the fabric do the talking.  I like that because I like fabric.  There are many people who want the great designs and use a solid and basic fabric.  Nothing wrong with that.  I will make and wear something like that at times.  I do like good design.  This goes back to what I said at the beginning.  I don’t think that design is too good at the moment.  Thank goodness for vintage patterns.

One last note.  I did finally finish the yoyo necklaces that I talked about several posts back.  I have them featured in our shop on Etsy if you would like to go and have a look.  Until next time, Happy Sewing.


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  1. I have never considered that color could do so much for my figure! I’m excited to play with that on my next project! I do love when you can simply touch or drape a fabric and instantly fall in love.

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