The Vogue Outfit.


new project for blog 003

This is my new project that I am now working on.  By the time that you read this I will have almost completed the pants of this outfit.  I am making the pants and tunic that I am pointing to in the picture.  Not only is this Vogue but this is a loose-fitting and comfortable outfit that I need now and in the near future.  Besides I like the casual look of it.  The denim fabric in the picture is the pants and the burgundy, hand dyed fabric to the right is going to be the sleeveless tunic.  I did not dye this fabric.  Both pieces of fabric are cotton which is needed here in the spring, summer, and fall here in Texas.  I have already made a few pairs of the shorts and I positively love them.

new project for blog 004You can see in this picture to the left that I have lengthened the tunic top by 2 inches.  This is not hard to do at all.  Just tedious when you have to do it every time.  The part at the end of the pointer is where I added in the two inches of tissue paper

new project for blog 006This picture to the right is where I lengthened the pants.  I did not lengthen the leg length because I want the pants to come to just above the ankles.  I am trying to look more cosmopolitan.  Do you think it will work?  I doubt it but that is what I want so I am going to do it.  I added 2 inches to the length which you can see at the end of the pointer to the right.

I will show you the outfit when I have finished.  I would like to finish all of it by the end of Sunday.  I hope that it works out that way.  I don’t know, all that I can do is try.


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