I Tried Something New!


Tea stained shirt 001

This is a simple shirt that I made for lounging around.  It is made of plain white muslin.  I have some specific shorts that I want it to got with.  The problem is that the white color does not coordinate well.  I have seen and read about tea staining and I have always wanted to try it.  I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity.  I practiced it on some scraps of fabric, which I will be using in another project, and I liked the result.  Therefore I brewed some tea bags, 8 total, and dunked my shirt into the tea.  I let it sit overnight and then just rinsed with water and washed the shirt.  Here is the result.  I hope that you can see the subtle difference.  There is not a dramatic color change – it is subtle but the new color of the shirt goes so well with the shorts in the picture.

Tea stained shirt 003

The shorts are a green and off white color.  The shirt blends so well.

I am still working on the Vogue outfit.  I have finished the pants and I am working on another pair of them because I like them so much.  The top is 85% finished.  I have decided to try something else that is new.  I will be taking photos of some of the steps to share with you.  Must go now to get to work on the Vogue outfit top.

Till next time!


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