Steps to tea dyeing/staining.



The last time that I washed this shirt I did not use bleach but something obviously happened.  Well, I really like this shirt but I don’t really want to wear it like this.  I have decided to tea dye/stain this shirt to hopefully even the color out a bit.  While I am at it I have decide to throw in some small white crocheted doilies that I have.  A natural fiber fabric or garment must be used.  Some examples of this include cotton and linen.  Since silk is a natural fiber I am assuming that it will accept the coloring from the tea.  I do not know this for sure since I have never tried it.  If anyone knows for sure I would appreciate a comment on it.


I do not recommend using expensive tea bags.  As seen here I am using tea bags for iced tea because they are larger.  Using less expensive tea bags cuts down on cost.  When it comes down to it, it is your garment or project so use whatever tea bags you a comfortable with.


For this one shirt and a few small doilies I am using 10 tea bags.  The stronger that you want the color the more tea bags you need to use.  I put the water in the microwave to get it boiling and leave the tea bags in for approximately one hour.


I pour the tea over the items in the tub and move it around frequently at first to ensure the tea is staining all of the item in the tab.  If more water is needed to ensure that the items in the tub are all saturated with the tea then do so.  I make sure that what ever it is that I am tea dyeing is wet when I pour the tea onto the item.  I prefer to let whatever I am tea dyeing sit over night.  In my opinion, it helps to ensure that the tea color has set in the fibers of whatever it is that I am tea dyeing.

The next step is to rinse the item.  With tea dyeing I do this in the washer.  Then I wash the item and dry it.  Then it is finished.  This is one of the easiest ways that I have altered the color of fabric or a garment.  It is really enjoyable for me.  The next picture will show you how everything turned out.


I am pointing to one of the spots that was bleached before.  It is not a perfect cover up of the spot.  In order to do that I would have to match the dye color of the shirt exactly.  Next to that is one of the doilies that I tea dyed and one that is not tea dyed.  I am not unhappy with the coloring.  I did not expect the spots on the shirt to be a perfect match but I do think that it is improved.  Now I will wear the shirt, under a sweater or vest, and not feel self-conscious.  That was my goal.

The project is finished now.  I may try to dye another item with some other kind of food.  If I do I will photograph the steps and show you what I did.  I would really appreciated comments on this project.  Do you like seeing the before and after photos?  Do you like to see all of the steps?

Till next time, go and be sew creative!


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I recently tea dyed some ribbon. It worked well but I was worried the colour might wash out. Now I know it doesn’t so thanks!

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