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Upcoming Tutorial.


Since I have received requests regarding stenciling with ink on fabric, I am in the process of putting a tutorial together to present to you next week.  I have chosen to use a purchased canvas tote bag to do the stenciling on.  An item of this sort is much easier to start on that something like a military jacket.  That was quite challenging.  I will be photographing the steps involved and giving as thorough an explanation as I can.  The following is an example of the topics that I will be covering:

*Quality of medium for stenciling and explanations of a number of them.

*Mixing of colors.

*Types of stencils and making your own.

*Placement of stencils.

*Difference of dye, fabric paint and ink.


*Heat setting

*Other examples of stenciling on fabric that I have done.

I will be making this post early next week.  I look forward to it and I hope to see you there.


The Big Reveal



Here it is!  This is the Big Reveal of the military jacket that I stenciled images onto.  This project surprised me in the amount of work involved.  There was quite a bit of surface area and bulky seams to cover.  I did enjoy it and I am pleased with the outcome.  I have requested feedback from a few people and they all say that they like it.


I am wearing the jacket in these photos and my husband is taking the pictures.  He is not the best photographer but he helps me so much.

Most of the colors of the stenciled images I mixed myself with the primary colors of ink that I have.  That was definitely a learning experience because the colors of ink that I have are not like paint at all.  I was very pleased with the ‘copper’ color that I came up with.  I am also working on an ‘oxblood red’ color.  I am close to achieving the brownish/red color that I am trying to achieve.

After stenciling the images and allowing the ink to dry the ink does have to be heat set with an iron.  That has been a bit more challenging with this jacket because of the pockets and such.  A regular garment is not as bad.

I have been considering presenting a post about stenciling on a garment with ink and all of the steps involved.  I would really appreciate it if anyone is interested to post a comment and let me know.  If enough people are interested I will go through all of the steps involved from picking the garment, to mixing the colors, to heat setting.

Thank you everyone!

The small reveal.



Here it is, the finished Vogue outfit that I started quite a while ago.  I am ashamed that it took me so long.  Do you remember the pattern?

new project for blog 003

By necessity this has become my style – loose and easy fitting.  This Vogue outfit is great.  The pants required minimal altering, just lengthening.  So did the top for that matter.  I do need to make the hip area of the top a bit bigger.  I have been blessed with hips.  The cut/style of the neck and arm opening of the top comfortable, flattering, and it does not reveal your bra straps which in my opinion is so much more tasteful.  This first top that I made is my ‘trial’ garment.  I used a piece of fabric that I picked up from the bargain table that I pain about one dollar per yard for.  It will work for a casual top.  It will be very easy for me to make my alterations to the hip area since I have made the top.

Watch for the next post later today – The Big Reveal.

Progress on the Altered Military Jacket.


previews for Sue  (stenciled jacket) 002

I promised to show progress photos.  Here is some progress that I have made.  This is definitely adding some color and interest to the olive drab of the military jacket.  All of this is done with stenciling and ink.  I have been mixing many of my own colors.  That has truly been a learning experience.

previews for Sue  (stenciled jacket) 003

As you can see in this photo I have more to do on this front panel.  The other sleeve and the other from panel have not been altered at the time that this photo was taken.  At this time I am much closer to being finished.  I will finish this tomorrow and I will make the final post regarding this project on Sunday 3/24/2013.  I will see you then!

Camoflaging my Military Jacket.


previews for Sue 005

I have this older military jacket that my aunt gave to me so many years ago.  I was worn by my cousin.  I estimate that it is about 30 years old or possibly older.  This jacket is very comfortable and warm but as you can see it is not that feminine.  On the sleeve you can see that I got paint on it somehow – permanent paint at that.

previews for Sue 004

This is a sneak peek about what I am doing.  I am stenciling multiple images on the jacket.  I am again using the fabric ink and fabric markers.  All different colors will be used.  I may be somewhat dingy in the head because there is a lot of area to cover.  I hope that it turns out well.  Please wish me good luck!

Trust me there is more to come.  I have already completed quite a bit more stenciling and I will show you more tomorrow.

The Other Shirt.


The other shirt 001

Here is the other shirt that I stamped.  This is a casual shirt that I made of white cotton muslin.  White was too boring to me so I tea dyed it.  It was still too boring for me so I stamped it.  Again, I had a lot of fun doing this.  When I finished I was a mess so I remind anyone that is going to try this to keep a lot of paper towel close by.  All of the inks that I use do come off with soap and water.

The other shirt 002

Of course I have to do the back.  I also decided to do some stamping on the sleeves.  The other sleeve is stamped too.  This ink that I used is easily heat set with an iron.  Not difficult at all.  I will definitely be doing more stamping on fabric.  Too much fun!

I also want to give another quick note regarding tea dyeing.  I hope that you can see the difference between tea dyeing a t-shirt (knit) and this shirt (woven).   The woven fabric accepts the tea dyeing much more evenly that the knit fabric.

I did not know that this was sooOOOoo much fun!


blog post for 3.14.13 003

Stamping.  That is what is so much fun.  I had a thought pop into my head and I tried it out.  I had a great time doing it.  The stamping that I did was not a great big project but I did enjoy it.  I was inspired by the two stamping blocks in the middle of the picture – the silhouettes of the women.  Both of these remind me of 1930s and 1940s.  I happened upon them when I was at Michael’s’ yesterday.  They were marked at clearance prices.  I just picked them up and purchased them.  When I got home I put them in my little workroom.  .  I already had the fabric inks in primary colors.  This is due to my Mum.  She had some fabric inks and she painted some images on a tote bag that she made for an acquaintance of hers.  She has gone on and on about how much she enjoyed it.  Therefore I purchased some for myself.  I did have some other stamping blocks and a brayer.  I had planned on doing some stamping on fabric at some time.  I just did not have any idea of what to do.  Then when I was finished washing a t-shirt that I had tea dyed the inspiration came to me.

blog post for 3.14.13 001

I must say that I find myself tea dyeing just about everything now.  I like to do it.  The next photo shows what I had thought of.

blog post for 3.14.13 002

This is not a perfect job of stamping but this is the first time that I have ever done this.  I must say that it is messy so be careful it you decide to do this.  Don’t wear good clothes and have lots of paper towels handy.  Fortunately with this ink that I am using it washes off easily with soap and water.  I did have to wash the brayer and the rubber stamps more than once.  As soon as I finished stamping the bottom portion of the front of the tea dyed t-shirt I wanted to do the back.  Here is what I finished with.

blog post for 3.14.13 004


blog post for 3.14.13 005


  As you can see the t-shirt did not accept the tea dyeing evenly.  That does not bother me.  I do like it because it makes me think of something that is well-worn and ‘broken in’.  I brought it out and showed my husband.  He had an immediate response.  He said, “That’s cool.  You will be able to see that without a problem!”  I told him that I am being selfish and that this shirt is for me.  Tomorrow I will be stamping another shirt as I stamped this one.

blog post for 3.14.13 006

I made another one like this that I also tea dyed and I embellished it differently.  I will be stamping this one tomorrow.  When I am finished I will post pictures.  I plan to do the stamping in the morning and heat set the ink with the iron in the afternoon.  Be watching for the ‘after’ photo.