My Altered Coutour


patterns and blog post 3.1.13 026

At about 9:00PM last night I was inspired.  This is what I came up with.  Of course, I was up most of the night.  This is a denim button up shirt that I have had for a while and I wanted to alter it.  The gathered skirt of this dress is some fabric that I colored some time back.  I liked the fabric but I could never decide what to do with it.  Then it hit me!  There was a lot of stitching involved.  I do mean a lot.  Since I became so bleary-eyed I was pleased that it was all straight stitching.  This dress is “dropped waist” because the denim shirt is quite long even on me.  I cut the fabric for the skirt 36 inches long.  Before I hemmed it, it was dragging the floor.  I turned up 6.5 inches.  This does make for a nice weighted hem.

patterns and blog post 3.1.13 021

I cut the narrow hem of the denim shirt off, cutting close to the stitching of the hem.  Then I sewed the two front pieces of the shirt together below the bottom button.  Using quilter’s ruler and rotary cutter I squared the skirt fabric.  Then I stitched the two pieces of the skirt together (front and back) and ran a gathering stitch.  Next cam pinning the gathered skirt to the shirt.  This was the most tedious part of the project.  When I finished sewing the skirt part to the denim shirt I tried it on.  I really like it.  Like I have stated, the bottom of the skirt dragged on the floor.  I turned up 6.5 inches and sewed the hem.

This evening I am going to try to get my husband to take a photo for me so that you can see how it looks on a real person.  Wish me luck!


My husband came home from work and was a doll and took these photos for me.  I even keep the shirttail hem on this denim shirt.


Here is the other side.  My husband really like this creation.  This dress is definitely loose-fitting and comfortable.  It would be more ideal if I could alter the denim shirt more but I need it to remain loose-fitting.

Thanks everyone!


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