The Other Shirt.


The other shirt 001

Here is the other shirt that I stamped.  This is a casual shirt that I made of white cotton muslin.  White was too boring to me so I tea dyed it.  It was still too boring for me so I stamped it.  Again, I had a lot of fun doing this.  When I finished I was a mess so I remind anyone that is going to try this to keep a lot of paper towel close by.  All of the inks that I use do come off with soap and water.

The other shirt 002

Of course I have to do the back.  I also decided to do some stamping on the sleeves.  The other sleeve is stamped too.  This ink that I used is easily heat set with an iron.  Not difficult at all.  I will definitely be doing more stamping on fabric.  Too much fun!

I also want to give another quick note regarding tea dyeing.  I hope that you can see the difference between tea dyeing a t-shirt (knit) and this shirt (woven).   The woven fabric accepts the tea dyeing much more evenly that the knit fabric.


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