Camoflaging my Military Jacket.


previews for Sue 005

I have this older military jacket that my aunt gave to me so many years ago.  I was worn by my cousin.  I estimate that it is about 30 years old or possibly older.  This jacket is very comfortable and warm but as you can see it is not that feminine.  On the sleeve you can see that I got paint on it somehow – permanent paint at that.

previews for Sue 004

This is a sneak peek about what I am doing.  I am stenciling multiple images on the jacket.  I am again using the fabric ink and fabric markers.  All different colors will be used.  I may be somewhat dingy in the head because there is a lot of area to cover.  I hope that it turns out well.  Please wish me good luck!

Trust me there is more to come.  I have already completed quite a bit more stenciling and I will show you more tomorrow.


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