The Big Reveal



Here it is!  This is the Big Reveal of the military jacket that I stenciled images onto.  This project surprised me in the amount of work involved.  There was quite a bit of surface area and bulky seams to cover.  I did enjoy it and I am pleased with the outcome.  I have requested feedback from a few people and they all say that they like it.


I am wearing the jacket in these photos and my husband is taking the pictures.  He is not the best photographer but he helps me so much.

Most of the colors of the stenciled images I mixed myself with the primary colors of ink that I have.  That was definitely a learning experience because the colors of ink that I have are not like paint at all.  I was very pleased with the ‘copper’ color that I came up with.  I am also working on an ‘oxblood red’ color.  I am close to achieving the brownish/red color that I am trying to achieve.

After stenciling the images and allowing the ink to dry the ink does have to be heat set with an iron.  That has been a bit more challenging with this jacket because of the pockets and such.  A regular garment is not as bad.

I have been considering presenting a post about stenciling on a garment with ink and all of the steps involved.  I would really appreciate it if anyone is interested to post a comment and let me know.  If enough people are interested I will go through all of the steps involved from picking the garment, to mixing the colors, to heat setting.

Thank you everyone!


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  1. I would love a tutorial on fabric stencilling. How do you stop the paints from running everywhere and get such crisp outlines?

  2. You did a great job! Screen printing (once the screens are done) is much easier – I can’t imagine even trying to stencil onto a garment. I think it looks really fab! Re:mixing colors to produce your own custom colors is something I love doing and it’s a cheaper way to get a wide range of colors from just a few basic colors. And yes a tutorial would be cool to see just how you managed to get the precision with stencils without ink run.

    • Thanks for your input. I have been thinking of screen printing. That would be an opportunity to learn something new. I have decided to do a tutorial. I will work on it this week and make a new posting by the end of the week so be watching for it. I have already decided what I am going to do.

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