The small reveal.



Here it is, the finished Vogue outfit that I started quite a while ago.  I am ashamed that it took me so long.  Do you remember the pattern?

new project for blog 003

By necessity this has become my style – loose and easy fitting.  This Vogue outfit is great.  The pants required minimal altering, just lengthening.  So did the top for that matter.  I do need to make the hip area of the top a bit bigger.  I have been blessed with hips.  The cut/style of the neck and arm opening of the top comfortable, flattering, and it does not reveal your bra straps which in my opinion is so much more tasteful.  This first top that I made is my ‘trial’ garment.  I used a piece of fabric that I picked up from the bargain table that I pain about one dollar per yard for.  It will work for a casual top.  It will be very easy for me to make my alterations to the hip area since I have made the top.

Watch for the next post later today – The Big Reveal.


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  1. I love the way that you have matched the binding on the top to the colour of the pants. It just brings it all together.

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