Upcoming Tutorial.


Since I have received requests regarding stenciling with ink on fabric, I am in the process of putting a tutorial together to present to you next week.  I have chosen to use a purchased canvas tote bag to do the stenciling on.  An item of this sort is much easier to start on that something like a military jacket.  That was quite challenging.  I will be photographing the steps involved and giving as thorough an explanation as I can.  The following is an example of the topics that I will be covering:

*Quality of medium for stenciling and explanations of a number of them.

*Mixing of colors.

*Types of stencils and making your own.

*Placement of stencils.

*Difference of dye, fabric paint and ink.


*Heat setting

*Other examples of stenciling on fabric that I have done.

I will be making this post early next week.  I look forward to it and I hope to see you there.


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