Burda jacket pattern.



This is the latest pattern that I am making.  I am making the longer jacket in the bottom right hand of the patter – the longer length.  You can see the off-white fabric that I have cut out.  The striped bias binding is some that I made a while ago that I used as binding on a slipcover for a loveseat that I designed and made.  I had A LOT of extra binding so this is what I am going to use.


This is my progress. I really like this pattern.  When I purchased this pattern and started making it I had some reservations about Burda because I had tried a Burda pattern before and was not entirely please with it.  This jacket/coat pattern really appealed to me so I decided to give Burda another try.  This is such a great pattern.  The instructions are clear and simple and the style is spot on.  I must say that I have not followed the instructions completely.  I have made some changes and have added my own touches.  I will show you when I have the jacket completed.

At this moment I must go and take the collar off because I sewed it on upside down.  That is what I get for not following instructions don’t I?  I know better.  I did think that I had sewn it on correctly but soon found out how wrong I was.


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