Finished Burda Jacket, It is a Great Jacket!


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Here is the Burda jacket .  I finished it and I love it, if you can love a piece of clothing.  The cut is spot on.  I used a heavier fabric that I believe is a home décor fabric.  I am not sure because it was a fabric remnant that I had purchased.  It is like a denim fabric with a raised embroidery design.  The sleeves are 3/4 length.  Well, on me they are 3/4 length.  I did not want a seam down the center back of the garment so I cut the back panel on the fold and put a pleat/tuck of 5/8 inch to the center back so that the collar width would match perfectly which it did.

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The collar was attached only at the neck opening.  The edges of the collar were joined together by the bias binding.  The bias binding is home décor fabric that I made and I had more than 6 yards of it to use.  I used 5 yards, 15 feet of it.  I did not waste any either.  I do suppose that I would with this being a loose-fitting jacket.

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As you can see in this photo, I did not run the bias binding in a continuous strip around the jacket.  The binding was just too bulky and I didn’t want that look because that is what everyone else does.  I thought of butt joints used in construction so that is what I attempted to achieve with the binding.  I must confess that it is not as perfect as I would want it but I have not attempted butt joints with binding before.  I am satisfied with the end result though.  I plan to wear this jacket with pride.

In the pattern, the pockets have a cuff at the top.  Well, not being normal, I did not want that either so I excluded the cuff and just made very deep pockets.  I am more than pleased with that feature.

I did finish the edges of the seams because this fabric was unraveling like crazy.  That was quite a bit of extra sewing but worth it.  I will definitely do that again.  I feel as though it gives a more finished look.  I would highly recommend this jacket for anyone to make.  It is great!


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    • Yes. A butt joint, or joining, is two unattached ends meet together at a 90 degree angle. These two ends form a corner. Not being good at math or physics, I am unable to come up with the correct terminology for the angles. I hope that this gives the explanation that you were wanting.

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