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African mask stamp.


African mask blog post 001

A few nights ago I was inspired to draw an African mask and this is what I drew free-handed.  I like it and I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to make a stamp to stamp this image onto fabric.  I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and I already had what was needed to make a fabric stamp.  After giving the situation a fleeting thought I jumped into it with both feet.  Time to get busy.

African mask blog post 002

This is a 4 inch by 6 inch sheet/block of a rubber like material used to make stamps.  I transferred the image onto the sheet/block using transfer paper and a regular pencil.  I also have a carving tool with 3 different carving blades.  I have already started in this photo.

African mask blog post 004

As you can see I am making progress.  I have never done anything like this before and it is a learning experience.  I went very slow and paid close attention to exactly where my carving tool was.

African mask blog post 005

Almost finished.  I am getting so close.  By this time I have been working so diligently on carving this that my back is screaming at me.  I can’t stop.  I can go and take a break to rest my back for a bit.  While I was resting I observed the clock wondering how long I have been working on this new project and I was surprised to see that one and a half hours had passed.  I find it amazing how one can lose track of time when involved in an activity that is so interesting.  I still have to finish this stamp.

African mask blog post 006

Finished!!!  By now I have completely lost track of time.  I have finished the carving of the stamp and now I have to cut it down and glue it to a piece of wood.

This rubber/block material is just like an eraser.  I have seen those used although typically erasers are much smaller in size.  I will be cutting a portion of this away from the stamp.  I acquired all of the carving and stamping supplies from Dharma Trading.  That was very easy.

I will be using this stamp to decorate fabric soon and I plan to make a blog post about it.  I am interested to see how it will work in stamping on fabric.


A yo-yo necklace that makes a statement.


Pics for yo-yo necklace blog post 001

I purchased this book so that I can get inspiration for making fabric jewelry.  Well, I did get some inspiration.

Pics for yo-yo necklace blog post 006

This blue necklace that you see on your right was my inspiration.  Some of the beads in this necklace are made from yo-yos.  Needless to say that I read the instructions.  Now reading the instructions, completely I might add, is a rare occurrence for me but I did it.  The creative part of my mind took over.  I had some fabric that I could see being used as fabric beads so I got busy.

Pics for yo-yo necklace blog post 003

This is  necklace made for wooden beads and “yo-yo beads” that I made from a 4-patch block that is commonly used in quilting.  I showed my friend, Sue, pictures of this necklace and she told me that this is a statement necklace with a capital S.  That is exactly what I wanted.

Pics for yo-yo necklace blog post 005

This is a close up photo of the “yo-yo beads” used in this necklace.  I am going to try to make some more of these necklaces to put in our shop.  We don’t have any listed yet but we plan to.

Easy to sew and easy to wear top pattern. Looks fantastic!


pattern for blog post 001

I saw this vintage pattern and I simply had to have it.  In my opinion, accenting someone’s back can be very attractive.  I am not too old to do that yet.  This is a simple and easy to make top.

My mum and I were shopping one day several months ago and she found some lovely purple and blue hand dyed cotton gauze fabric.  She purchased 2.5 yards and I had to do the same.  I really like the colors and the light weight of the fabric.  The weight of the fabric will be good for the hot Texas summers.  I had never sewn gauze fabric this light weight before.  I was thankful for the easy to sew pattern.  It was challenging at first but this is how it turned out.

awesome top 002


awesome top 003


The first picture is of the back and the second picture is of the front.  The way that this fabric is dyed is my style.  I could not have done a better job myself.  I do not like one flat color.  With this way of dyeing fabric it almost has a pattern to it.  The combination of the colors is spot on.  I plan to wear this quite a bit.

My next blog post will be featuring my yo-yo necklace that I have made.  I look forward to sharing with you.

Quote by Audrey Hepburn.


I saw this quote by Audrey Hepburn on Facebook and I just had to share it.  I find it so simple yet inspirational.  Here it is:

I decided, very early on, just to accept life unconditionally; I never expected to do anything special for me,

yet I seemed to accomplish far more than I ever hoped.  Most of the time it just happened to me without my ever seeking it.

– Audrey Hepburn