African mask stamp.


African mask blog post 001

A few nights ago I was inspired to draw an African mask and this is what I drew free-handed.  I like it and I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to make a stamp to stamp this image onto fabric.  I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and I already had what was needed to make a fabric stamp.  After giving the situation a fleeting thought I jumped into it with both feet.  Time to get busy.

African mask blog post 002

This is a 4 inch by 6 inch sheet/block of a rubber like material used to make stamps.  I transferred the image onto the sheet/block using transfer paper and a regular pencil.  I also have a carving tool with 3 different carving blades.  I have already started in this photo.

African mask blog post 004

As you can see I am making progress.  I have never done anything like this before and it is a learning experience.  I went very slow and paid close attention to exactly where my carving tool was.

African mask blog post 005

Almost finished.  I am getting so close.  By this time I have been working so diligently on carving this that my back is screaming at me.  I can’t stop.  I can go and take a break to rest my back for a bit.  While I was resting I observed the clock wondering how long I have been working on this new project and I was surprised to see that one and a half hours had passed.  I find it amazing how one can lose track of time when involved in an activity that is so interesting.  I still have to finish this stamp.

African mask blog post 006

Finished!!!  By now I have completely lost track of time.  I have finished the carving of the stamp and now I have to cut it down and glue it to a piece of wood.

This rubber/block material is just like an eraser.  I have seen those used although typically erasers are much smaller in size.  I will be cutting a portion of this away from the stamp.  I acquired all of the carving and stamping supplies from Dharma Trading.  That was very easy.

I will be using this stamp to decorate fabric soon and I plan to make a blog post about it.  I am interested to see how it will work in stamping on fabric.


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