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Christmas in July with Pattern Patter.


The Etsy team, Pattern Patter, that I am a member of will be having a Christmas in July pattern blitz on Monday, July 1.  It will be all day long.  Many of the shops will be having sales so come on over to Etsy and look for the pattern blitz.

This is our shop and we will be listing many holiday patterns among other items.


I do other things too.


fat quarters 001

I have taken a momentary pause in the harem pant project to do this.  I am creating fat quarters to put on our shop.  Mum and I feel the need to try to stock out shop.  She is busy in her work room so I felt that I should follow her lead.  I dyed these fat quarters using one color of pigment dye.  Yes, only one color.  I really like the effect that this dyeing method has.

fat quarters 007

This is the other fat quarter bundle that I have done so far.  I have some more fat quarter bundles in the process of dyeing as we speak.  This method of dyeing does take a lot of time.  It is no quickie job.  I enjoy it though.  My hope is to have a good number of fat quarter in our shop soon.

Harem pant progress report.


blog post 6.24 004

I was delayed a bit but I have started taking the 28 pages of pattern pieces that I printed from the disc provided with the book and putting them together.  There are not a lot of pieces but it took that many pages to print the pieces.  I completed three rows of 4 pages wide of the pattern pieces and wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of tape!  REALLY?  I was totally crushed because I was going strong.  I could have finished it all.  Not today.  I will have to wait and go and get some more tape.  Be assured that I will purchase some extra.  Since that came to a stop I did locate the fabric that I had in mind for these harem pants.  It is a beautiful olive green Irish lined.  It is so smooth.

blog post 6.24 002

Since my construction of the pattern pieces for the pants came to an unwelcomed halt, I went back to work on the top that I am making.  I am stenciling some images onto the pullover top that I am making from fabric that I dyed myself.  This is a photo of a section of the band around the bottom of the top.

blog post 6.24 003

This is both of the pieces to the band that goes around the bottom of the top.  I chose to use colors that do not jump out and scream at you, so to speak.  I want the stenciled images to be more of an accent rather than a bold contrast.  I mean look at the coloration of the fabric.  I don’t think that I need more bold imaging.

This is somewhat of a ‘post script’.  I have already done the spell checking and I was about to save this in draft form so I can publish in the morning and I just noticed that the last picture is upside down.  I do hope that you are laughing because I have been laughing quite a bit.  I am leaving it as it is because it does not really change the fabric pieces and it provides a good opportunity for a good chuckle.

My new project – Harem Pants.


pics for blog post 002

When I saw this book I just had to look at it and when I looked at it I had to purchase it.  The clothing in this book that the designer designed have become my style.  That style is very loose-fitting and comfortable.  I did not necessarily choose that style, it has chosen me.

pics for blog post 005

These are the harem pants that I plan to make.  They are loose-fitting don’t you agree?  I have even read the instructions for pattern layout and sewing instructions.  However, just because I read them does not mean the I will follow them.  I know that I should not make light of following instructions.  It is just that I see the opportunity to put in some of my own creativity.  I have really been doing that lately.  I must confess that it has been a lot of fun too.

pics for blog post 003

There are not a lot of pattern pieces.  What makes these ‘harem pants’ more unique is the detail in the sewing.  From the instructions that I have read these details will not be hard to do.

As you can see in the first photo I had to print the pattern out on my computer.  something like 28 pages.  Now I have to tape all of these together.  Boy, I look forward to that.  I have already reviewed all of the pages and it will not be difficult.  The bigger challenge will be picking the fabric.  I have thought about this for a while and I do believe that I know which piece of fabric that I will use and I will be making a blog post in the near future with that information in it.

Now that I know that I am going to make the ‘harem pants’ I need to have something to wear on top.  I do not want to make the top on the front of the book that the model is wearing with the harem pants.  I just finished making a new top that is really a great top.

pics os my top 003

The fabric that I used in this top was plain white cotton fabric that I colored using fabric paint.  Of course I made the top after I did the stamping on the band at the bottom of the top.  I finally tried the top on today and I absolutely love this top.  It would be just perfect if I were to make it a size or two smaller but that does not go with my lifestyle at this time.  I have decided to make this top to go with the pants that I have already talked about.  I am going to make it out of some cotton fabric that I hand dyed a couple of years ago.  I think that it will be perfect.

I will be making blog posts as I make this outfit so please come and see how I am doing at it.  Hopefully I won’t be a flop.