Harem pant progress report.


blog post 6.24 004

I was delayed a bit but I have started taking the 28 pages of pattern pieces that I printed from the disc provided with the book and putting them together.  There are not a lot of pieces but it took that many pages to print the pieces.  I completed three rows of 4 pages wide of the pattern pieces and wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of tape!  REALLY?  I was totally crushed because I was going strong.  I could have finished it all.  Not today.  I will have to wait and go and get some more tape.  Be assured that I will purchase some extra.  Since that came to a stop I did locate the fabric that I had in mind for these harem pants.  It is a beautiful olive green Irish lined.  It is so smooth.

blog post 6.24 002

Since my construction of the pattern pieces for the pants came to an unwelcomed halt, I went back to work on the top that I am making.  I am stenciling some images onto the pullover top that I am making from fabric that I dyed myself.  This is a photo of a section of the band around the bottom of the top.

blog post 6.24 003

This is both of the pieces to the band that goes around the bottom of the top.  I chose to use colors that do not jump out and scream at you, so to speak.  I want the stenciled images to be more of an accent rather than a bold contrast.  I mean look at the coloration of the fabric.  I don’t think that I need more bold imaging.

This is somewhat of a ‘post script’.  I have already done the spell checking and I was about to save this in draft form so I can publish in the morning and I just noticed that the last picture is upside down.  I do hope that you are laughing because I have been laughing quite a bit.  I am leaving it as it is because it does not really change the fabric pieces and it provides a good opportunity for a good chuckle.


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