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I am truly a car guy at heart.


What a weekend I am going to have.  I will spend so much of it sitting in my lovely recliner with my eyes glued to the television.  Today there is an antique car auction on DTV 220 featuring antique classic cars that have been maintained in the original state.  These cars have not been chopped, cut and rebuilt.  There is a Duisenberg that is anticipated to go for at least $1 million.

Tomorrow and Sunday there will be extensive coverage of the NHRA Nationals at Indy.  I will be watching that for sure.  My father was a drag racer and my brother has done some.  I would race if it were not for my medical problems.  By the way the NHRA Nationals will be on DTV channel 209 tomorrow and Monday.


My first attempt at Filet crochet. Please don’t laugh.


filet crochet 001

I have admired filet crochet for a long time and I thought that it didn’t look too difficult and I want to give it a try.  I can remember my mother making curtains out of filet crochet when I was a child.  I purchased the crochet thread and I got to work.  The beginning of my work is at the bottom of this picture and the end is at the top.  Are you able to see the difference in the width?  The finish is almost half the width of the beginning.  I found so many blocks that I missed that I could only shake my head.  I just wanted to make a simple border to  add to something for a bit of extra decoration.  This was not going to work.  I did not understand why I made such a mess of it.  It doesn’t look hard, right?  I had better try again.

filet crochet 002

Success!!!!  I have not finished this ‘border’ yet but so far I am successful.  The entire length is the same width.  I did not miss any stitches.  Obviously I must keep practicing.  Filet crochet looks so simple.  As you can see by my testimonial it is not.    I will finish this and add this beautiful red border to something to give it a little extra decoration.  Now I must find my next filet crochet project.

Thank you for letting me share my projects with you.

A forty-five year old woman and her blankie.


My Blankie 001

That woman would be me.  Yes, I have a blankie and this is it.  I have had my blankie for 37 years and it does look a bit worse for wear.  Do you notice the block that is essentially gone.  I do not care.  I will not give up my blankie.  It is my security blanket because my mum made it for me when I was 8 years old and I helped her.

Mum decided to make blankets for my brother and me when I was 8 and he was 9.  She gathered up all of the fabric that she wanted to use for each one and used a National Geographic magazine as the pattern for the blocks.  My brother and I marked each piece of fabric with the “pattern” and cut out each piece by hand.  It took so very long to do that.  Well, it seemed that way to me at the old age of 8.  Then Mum sewed the pieces together.  She sandwiched batting between the blanket top and the backing fabric.  On my blanket she put ties at each four point intersection.  On my brother’s blanket she put buttons.  Then she finished it all off with biased binding.  My brother’s quilt is long gone I regret to say.  You can see mine.

My Blankie 003

Approximately 10 years ago Mum took pity on me and my blankie.  There were so many blocks like the green one in the center of this photo.  It was not much more than rags.  She said that I should dispose of it.  WHAT?  Not my blankie.  That is what I said.  She took my blankie from me and went to work on it.  She replaced so many of the individual blocks like the pink one with the stars on it.  There were so many to replace that the only thing that she could think to do was to sew them straight onto the blanket going through the batting (she replaced parts of that too) and the backing fabric.

My Blankie 004

Then she replace every single tie on the blanket.  Then my blankie came back to me.  As you can see I still use that poor thing.  When I am sick or injured, I get better faster,  My blankie protects me from all that scares me especially lightning and thunder.  When I am lonely, I wrap up in my blankie and I am good.   I can’t get rid of it.  That is all that there is too it.

My Blankie 002

My blankie lives on.

Let me tell you a story about ………


Quilted by Trisha Cribbs 001

This is a quilt that my mum made for me several years ago.  She didn’t do it all by herself though.  Mum picked out the colors and pieced them together.  You may not be impressed by that but that is what I requested.  I like quilts made from blocks of color and I like to have the quilting, the stitching stand out more.  This quilt was inspired by one that I saw in a magazine.  It has turned out to be very different from the one in the magazine.

At the time that Mum was making this quilt for me there was a quilting shop that had opened in the town that she and my father live by.  This shop was opened by the well know quilt artist, Trisha Cribbs.  Mum admired her work and the machine quilting that Trisha did with a longarm.  Mum had not seen that before.  Later when she took me into the store I was impressed too because I had not seen a longarm.  Trisha had her shop open for approximately one year, give or take.  Mum told me that Trisha was not doing any machine quilting for the public.  Or so she thought.  I don’t know how my mum does it, but she talked Trisha into doing the machine quilting on this quilt.  When Mum told me about it she took me to Trisha’s shop.  Well, I was impressed.  I did not know how well know Trisha was but that was not what impressed me ………… until later.  I saw her handmade quilts that she had exhibited and I saw her books on one of the quilts that she designed, “Turning Twenty”.  I know that Trisha did the quilting on this quilt because when I was in her shop I my quilt was on the frame and I asked her to show me how it was done.  She showed me a bit.  Let me tell you that it was all that I could do not to ask if I could do some because I wanted to  sooooooo badly.

Quilted by Trisha Cribbs 002

Quilted by Trisha Cribbs 003

When Trish finished doing the machine quilting Mum finished it with the biased binding and gave it to me.  I don’t think that I need to tell you that this quilt occupies a special place in my home and that is not only on my bed.  My understanding was that Trisha was adamant about declining custom machine quilting but somehow Mum talked her into it.  Mum has this way of doing that.  She is 5 feet 4 inches plus a bit, and a sweet little gray-haired lady.  She always has a smile on her face and sees the positive in every situation or looks to find it.  She is an incredible woman and I love her.

I hope that you enjoy this testimonial because I have enjoyed telling you this little story.  By the way, Mum named the quilt, “Coffee with Brunch” because I wanted to have a java theme in my bedroom because I do love coffee.  I designed the headboard and a friend made it for me.  I finished it and stained it.   That was the first time that I ever stained anything.  The stain color is java bean.

Please go and vote for my friend.


I am asking a favor of anyone who reads this post.  Please go to the link listed above a vote for my friend, Sue Forey.  She is a great felt artist who lives in Wales.  I would really like to see her win this contest.  Thank you everyone.


This second link is the artwork that she has entered in the contest.  Please have a look at it.



Here is another one!


blue scarf 001

Here is one more that I am listing in our shop.  This is the same style but just a bit different.  This one is made with ‘size 6’ yarn still doing the Tunisian crochet style.

In the near future I will be showing other crocheting projects that I have completed in the past.