I became lost …….


…….but I found the yellow brick road.  My life has been so busy over the summer.  Numerous medical procedures and sewing of garments for myself.  I have also been trying to work on projects that I started one and a half years ago.  That happens to be painting my house and replacing trim.  I still have not finished since I have to get my husband to help me.  We have gotten some of it all done.  Since it is over 100 degrees every day here in Texas, I don’t see much more of that project getting completed until the fall season.

My mum and I have started working on new items for our shop that we never imagined that we would  be  making to  put in our shop.  Our shop was ‘put on the back burner’ for the first year that we have had it because my father had 2 emergency surgeries, almost died 4 times and one additional surgery in our first year.  Not to mention numerous other medical problems.  I am very happy to say that he is doing very well now.  Because of that we are able to start focusing on our shop.  My mum especially.    I will be making blog posts about our new creations here in the near future.  I will talk about not only sewing but also embellishing fabric with paint, ink, etc.  I will also be talking about crocheting, beading, quilting, etc.  I do hope to give you plenty to read about so please stick with me.

Be watching for new posts soon.


About justsewbyrickmarsh

My mother, Mary Gary, is my partner. She is also my inspiration. She is really a grand woman. She taught me how to sew and we continue to learn more together. Come along and watch as we just sew. Shirley Vick

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