My first attempt at Filet crochet. Please don’t laugh.


filet crochet 001

I have admired filet crochet for a long time and I thought that it didn’t look too difficult and I want to give it a try.  I can remember my mother making curtains out of filet crochet when I was a child.  I purchased the crochet thread and I got to work.  The beginning of my work is at the bottom of this picture and the end is at the top.  Are you able to see the difference in the width?  The finish is almost half the width of the beginning.  I found so many blocks that I missed that I could only shake my head.  I just wanted to make a simple border to  add to something for a bit of extra decoration.  This was not going to work.  I did not understand why I made such a mess of it.  It doesn’t look hard, right?  I had better try again.

filet crochet 002

Success!!!!  I have not finished this ‘border’ yet but so far I am successful.  The entire length is the same width.  I did not miss any stitches.  Obviously I must keep practicing.  Filet crochet looks so simple.  As you can see by my testimonial it is not.    I will finish this and add this beautiful red border to something to give it a little extra decoration.  Now I must find my next filet crochet project.

Thank you for letting me share my projects with you.


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