I am truly a car guy at heart.


What a weekend I am going to have.  I will spend so much of it sitting in my lovely recliner with my eyes glued to the television.  Today there is an antique car auction on DTV 220 featuring antique classic cars that have been maintained in the original state.  These cars have not been chopped, cut and rebuilt.  There is a Duisenberg that is anticipated to go for at least $1 million.

Tomorrow and Sunday there will be extensive coverage of the NHRA Nationals at Indy.  I will be watching that for sure.  My father was a drag racer and my brother has done some.  I would race if it were not for my medical problems.  By the way the NHRA Nationals will be on DTV channel 209 tomorrow and Monday.


About justsewbyrickmarsh

My mother, Mary Gary, is my partner. She is also my inspiration. She is really a grand woman. She taught me how to sew and we continue to learn more together. Come along and watch as we just sew. Shirley Vick

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