Look what I did with the filet crocheted border that I made.


blog posts 9.2.2013 005

I made it into a bottom border of a t-shirt that I tea dyed.  I really like the color combination.  Have a look at a shot that is closer.

blog posts 9.2.2013 006

This project involved another first for me.  Because I sewed the border to a knit t-shirt and because my sewing machine has stretch stitches for use, I decided to try one of the stretch stitches.  I already had ball point needles which is recommended for stretch material.  I set everything up and got started.  I like the stretch stitch.  I have avoided because …….. I really don’t have a good reason.  I have just avoided projects that involved stretch fabric.  Well, not anymore.

I am not finished with adding borders to this t-shirt.  I am hard at work doing some more filet crochet borders and some more baubles for this t-shirt.  Be watching for that blog post to come very soon.


About justsewbyrickmarsh

My mother, Mary Gary, is my partner. She is also my inspiration. She is really a grand woman. She taught me how to sew and we continue to learn more together. Come along and watch as we just sew. Shirley Vick

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  1. Oh wow! That looks fantastic. The colours really compliment each other. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to use the sewing machine for that. I would have done it by hand.

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