Crocheted rings.


crochet ring blog post 002

I was looking on pinterest and I saw some crocheted rings that other people had made.  I thought that they looked great.  These are something that I have not seen before.  I like items that are a bit different.  I acquired some of my crochet hooks, some crochet thread and yarn and tried to see what I could come up with.  Here they are.

crochet ring blog post 001

I do wish that I could provide much better pictures but it is hard to photograph yourself.  I like how these turned out.  The green one is a bit bulky because I used a 4 weight cotton yarn,  That is too much.  The white  one I used No.3 crochet thread.  I like that weight.  It is very comfortable on my hand.

crochet ring blog post 004

Pleas don’t take note of my lack of manicure.

crochet ring blog post 003

I didn’t do any official sizing for these rings.  I simply made a ‘ring of chains’ that fit around my fingers.  Then I used regular thread to secure all of the different pieces together.  Buttons, of course, for the ‘jewels’.


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