Lap Quilts made from Bandanas.


bandana blog 001

I want to share with you a creation that is my mother’s, Mary Gary.  She had the idea to make lap quilts out of bandanas.

bandana blog 002

These are 5 of the numerous that she has made.  I must admit that I have the most because I took them.  They are most convenient to help to keep the chill of on a cold winter evening.

The gray and blue ones on the left in the picture are the oldest ones that I have in my collection.  The are approximately 20 years old.  Believe me they have been used.  The remaining 3 in the pictures are the newest less than 10 years old.  Mary wasn’t sure if the bandanas would last very long.  She has the first original bandana lap quilt that she made and it is more than  20 years old.  She uses the lap quilting method for quilting and joining the blocks together.

bandana blog 009

All of the quilting on these quilts in hand stitched that Mary did by hand.  She always tries to get 4 to 8 stitches per 1 inch.  She debates exactly what counts as a stitch.  Here is her philosophy on hand stitching per inch.  When doing machine quilting the ‘bottom stitch’ is not really a stitch but rather the bobbin thread wrapping and securing the top ‘stitch’.  When doing the hand stitching the needle is drawn down and up through the quilt so that there is ‘stitching’ on both sides.  Where ever a stitch is not seen on the top there is a real stitch on the bottom.  Therefore she counts the stitch on the back of the quilt as one of the stitches per inch.  It is too bad that the judges in the quilt shows don’t see it that way.  I am not an unbiased observer in this situation but I do think that her hand quilting is marvelous.

red lap quilt 003

In this photo you can see the hand quilting.  Mary even made the biased binding.

red lap quilt 002

This is a view of the back side of the red bandana quilt.

Georgia Bonsteel books 004

To make these bandana quilts, Mary has used the lap quilting method championed by Georgia Bonesteel.

bandana blog 014

This is the latest bandana quilt that Mary has made.  It is a baby quilt and she did the quilting by machine.  She says that it is so much easier to do machine stitching on a block rather than an entire quilt.  This baby quilt is for sale in our shop.  Mary has told me of the next bandana lap quilt that she is working on and it is going to be great!


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