Have a look at my first attempt at crocheted earrings.



crocheted earrings 002

This is one of my first attempts at making crocheted jewelry.  I purchased a kit from Mary Maxim, 2 separate one actually, to start learning how to make these pretty earrings.  I have not added beads to this pair because I am working so very hard at getting the crochet pattern down.  I am rather proud of them and I have worn them already.  I want to keep making this style and wearing them.  Now for the other  style that I have made.

crocheted earrings 004

I am very proud of these too.  I even added the beads as the instructions indicated.  I did change the pattern a bit because I am liking these better but I did follow the instructions most of the time.  At least I thought so.  Obviously I do need more practice to get the crochet ‘stitches’ just right.  Do you see the other problem?  Here have a closer look.

crocheted earrings 005

Do you see it?  Both of the earrings face the same way.  One is not opposite of the other.  Therefore when I wear them, because I do, I always have one earring that is backwards.  I followed the instructions on that part but I still came out backwards.  That is about right for me – follow the instructions and come out backwards.  I will definitely practice some more on this pattern.  I did get complimented on these from a lovely woman when I wore them into town a few days ago.  I didn’t show her how backwards on of them was I just made sure to keep the good one facing in her direction.  At least I do hope that I did.


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  1. I think they look great! Can’t really understand the backwards bit – never thought about earrings have back/front so I’d be none the wiser

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