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My new love.


My new love blog 002

This tunic pattern is my new love.  I just finished making the white one with the red polka dots.  This patter is easy to cut out and make.

My new love blog 003

The fabric that I used is a lightweight linen.  Since I made this tunic for myself I practiced as many skills as I could.  One of the more challenging skills that I practiced is French seams.  I must admit that I would like to have some more practice but I am not dissatisfied with the result.

My new love blog 004

Since my backside continues to become more and more broad, I added side slits so that the tunic fit easily over my hips.

My new love blog 005

When I make the next one I will change the assembly so that I can do some things that I want to do.  For instance, I will set the sleeve in separately instead of sewing the side seam and the underarm seam all at the same time as the instructions indicate.  Are you amazed that I followed the instructions this time?  I am.  I won’t do it again though.  I do say that with humor.  I plan to sew the sleeve in differently so that I can finish the underarm seams and the side seams with a French seam.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I do think that this tunic is lovely but it may be a bit plain for my liking.  I believe that I will get out my stamps and my ink so that I can add some ’embellishments”.


It is so cold, these pigs need a blanket.


This blog is for the pigs 001

It is still so cold here in this part of Texas after the ice storm that I felt that my husband and I needed a good comfort food.  I found this recipe about 15 years ago and I have made it before.  It reminds me of the ‘Pigs in a Blanket’ that was served at the school that I attended when I was a child.  This is not the healthiest recipe but it really does taste good now and again.  This recipe calls for regular hot dogs that are split and cheese is put into the split.  I just  use hot dogs that already have the cheese in them.  I do prefer Ball Park franks but I used Eckrich franks for this.  Any type of franks, hot dogs, or smoked sausage could be used for this.  I certainly need to get some yeast that is more fresh but what I have did work.

This blog is for the pigs 002

I am mixing the dough with my hand mixer, following the directions of course.  It is not too often that I follow directions as they are written but I have done so for this recipe because I have not made it in a while.  This hand mixer is so great.  It is a hand mixer and I hope that you notice the dough hooks.  This mixer has enough power to mix dough.  I purchased it about 15 years ago and I use it a lot.  It didn’t cost a fortune either.  I purchased it at Wal-Mart of all places.

This blog is for the pigs 005

Here is the dough all mixed and ready to spend an hour or more doubling in size in a warm place.

This blog is for the pigs 006

In this photo I have punched the dough down and divided it into 8 pieces that I will roll out into approximately 5.5 by 2.5 inch ‘blankets’ that I will wrap around my little piggies.

This blog is for the pigs 007

They are all wrapped up in their ‘blankets’ and the dough is rising for 30 minutes.

This blog is for the pigs 008


You should taste these ‘Pigs in a Blanket’!  They take me back to my school days.  My husband is happy too.  This is just what we needed on a day like this.

12-9-2013 001

I hope that you give this recipe a try because it is worth it.  It is sure to be a big hit with children.  They keep well in the refrigerator and reheat in the microwave.  Stay warm everyone.

The easiest tunic ever.


Blog post 012

I decided that I wanted to make a tunic that would allow me to be very comfortable.  I have had this pattern for a long time and never did anything with it.  I almost listed it in out shop to sell.  Thankfully I did not.  I wanted to make view A the mid-length tunic.  Fortunately, I did not need to lengthen it.

Blog post 013

This is a picture of the first one that I made.  I really like this tunic.  It is not restrictive in any way and so very comfortable.  I thought to myself that I need another one.

Blog post 011

This is the second one that I made.  I used gauze fabric that I hand dyed.  Yes, that is how I wanted the fabric to come out, so to speak.  I did not want a consistent color but rather darker and lighter depth of color.  I like this tunic a lot.  This tunic is so very easy to sew.  Everything is basically a straight line except for the neck  and that is not difficult at all.  A beginning sewer could very easily make this tunic.