The easiest tunic ever.


Blog post 012

I decided that I wanted to make a tunic that would allow me to be very comfortable.  I have had this pattern for a long time and never did anything with it.  I almost listed it in out shop to sell.  Thankfully I did not.  I wanted to make view A the mid-length tunic.  Fortunately, I did not need to lengthen it.

Blog post 013

This is a picture of the first one that I made.  I really like this tunic.  It is not restrictive in any way and so very comfortable.  I thought to myself that I need another one.

Blog post 011

This is the second one that I made.  I used gauze fabric that I hand dyed.  Yes, that is how I wanted the fabric to come out, so to speak.  I did not want a consistent color but rather darker and lighter depth of color.  I like this tunic a lot.  This tunic is so very easy to sew.  Everything is basically a straight line except for the neck  and that is not difficult at all.  A beginning sewer could very easily make this tunic.


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