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My first masterpiece with Derwent Intense.


New non-pattern listings 002

Here is my first creation on fabric using Derwent Intense pencils and blocks.  I even drew the flower, butterfly etc. myself.  I don’t really think that it is a so-called ‘masterpiece’ but one has to start somewhere.  I have never tried drawing in my life and I never would have if it had not been for my friend, Sue Forey.

This is just a small tote bag that can be used to carry whatever will fit in it.  It can also be used for a gift bag.  This is for sale in our shop on Etsy.  I am already working on coming up with another ‘masterpiece’ to ‘paint’ on another tote bag.


Fabric covered buttons.


New non-pattern listings 004

I am starting another new activity.  I was reading a magazine and I saw an artist that was hand painting fabric covered buttons.  I admired the individuality and originality of what I saw so I thought that I should give it a try.

New non-pattern listings 008

These are my favorite one that I have done so far.  These are just over an inch in size.  I am always looking for unique buttons that make a statement.  I think that hand painted fabric covered buttons will definitely fit into that category.

New non-pattern listings 010

These last buttons I used hand dyed fabric and black paint.  I certainly have room for improvement but I do find it enjoyable.  These buttons are for sale in our shop.

I have been waiting for these and they are finally here!!!


derwent inktense 001

I have been looking forward to receiving these Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils that I use for doing artwork on fabric.  These are so easy and fun to work with on fabric.  And look at the colors!

derwent inktense 002

derwent inktense 003

Here is a photo of some of the images that I have painted onto a canvas tote with inktense.


I also was waiting impatiently for some screen printing ink that I use for stamping.  I ordered metallic and they arrived in the mail too.

derwent inktense 004

All of these arrived in the mail within 2 days of each other.  I have such plans for everything.  There is just one problem.  My thoughtful, kind, generous husband brought something home to share with me that is taking up a lot of my time.  It is called the swine flu.  OMG!!!  I really wish that he had not been so generous with this.  I have been sick all week and I am still trying to get over this.  I am taking Tamiflu and the bathroom is my favorite room in our house at the moment.  I won’t be able to start working with these new items for a while longer yet.  Life can be cruel at times.