I have never sewn with stretch knit before …….. until now. WOW!



I have never sewn much with stretch knits.  I have mostly applied and applique or mended a hole.  This is a first for me.  What a great experience that it turned out to be.  My project is to make a “therapeutic pillow”.  This pillow is to be for the purpose of resting my neck.  I am not going into details but I do have numerous issues with my neck due to injuries.  Therefore, I need a pillow to help with providing support to my neck.  I am using this pattern but again I am making changes to suit what I need.  This first picture shows the pattern that I am using and the fabric.  This fabric is a stretch French terry.  I have avoided stretch knits because I have always heard that sewing knits is difficult while I was growing up.  I have been so wrong.

Book cover, etc 003

This is a picture of the pillow according to directions.  There is nothing wrong with this pillow but it did not work for what I need.  Therefore, I am changing it.  I do hope that it works.


I have always been told that one of the biggest challenges with sewing knit fabrics is the stitch and the needle.  For this fabric I chose a size 14 ballpoint needle.  For the stitch I chose a stretch stitch on my wonderful Singer sewing machine.  This is what my sample stitch looks like.  I would say that it is a winner and this was my first attempt.


All pieces sewn together and the pillow has been turned right-side out.  Now I must stuff it.  Ideally I would use micro-pellets or buckwheat.  I am using the common fiberfill on these first attempts just to try out the pillow to see if it is going to work.


Here it is.  I does look a bit lumpy I am sorry to say.  However, this is a VERY comfortable pillow.  I am pleased with the outcome of it.


This is a closer shot of the pillow.  I will be making more of these and I will definitely be sewing with knit fabrics much more often.  Eventually I would like to have some of these pillows in our shop.


When my husband got home I gave him the first one that I had made.  I was already in the process of making another one for myself.  He said, “Thanks.” and put it behind his neck.  Then he said that it was perfect and proceeded to commence to snoring.  He has worked 14 days straight and the last 5 days have been 12 hour days.  He is 50 years old.

This pillow is perfect for him because it does not curve around like a horseshoe and make him sweat.  If his head rolls to the side, it has support from the ‘dog-bone’ shape.  The second one that I made today was for me and it too is perfect.


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  1. I’m so delighted your experience with knits was a good one! I have had some terrible experiences with different kinds of knit fabrics. I just blogged a knit dress I made and it was a huge challenge!

  2. Thanks for the great blog! I am where you were before this project. My biggest issue is my machine. What Singer do you use? I have two Featherlites (!) and an old old Singer with plastic gears that cannot be replaced, so I am in the market. Especially after seeing this blog! Great encouragement!

    • My Singer is bout 12 to 13 years old. It has built in stretch stitches. I have to say that I really like that. My machine has plastic gears too. There is a sewing machine repair shop about 35 miles from me that I take mine too. I don’t know what I will do when it can not be fixed anymore. I am going to start looking now at Husqvarna, Juki and Babylock. I don’t want a computerized machine though. Those are really hard if not impossible to fix. Thank you for your great reply to the blog post. Get busy on that stretch knit fabric!!!

  3. Knits are amazing to sew with. I don’t really understand where all the horror stories about knits come from. I love them, also because you don’t need to finish the seams.
    Glad you pillows turned out nice and that your first fail turned out to be a winner for your husband!

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