Steps to tea dyeing/staining.

Steps to tea dyeing/staining.

This is a post that I made a year ago about tea dyeing a garment. I am so fond of tea dyeing that I thought that I would reblog this post.



The last time that I washed this shirt I did not use bleach but something obviously happened.  Well, I really like this shirt but I don’t really want to wear it like this.  I have decided to tea dye/stain this shirt to hopefully even the color out a bit.  While I am at it I have decide to throw in some small white crocheted doilies that I have.  A natural fiber fabric or garment must be used.  Some examples of this include cotton and linen.  Since silk is a natural fiber I am assuming that it will accept the coloring from the tea.  I do not know this for sure since I have never tried it.  If anyone knows for sure I would appreciate a comment on it.


I do not recommend using expensive tea bags.  As seen here I am using tea bags for iced tea because they are…

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