My stretch knit gaucho pants are finished. Come and have a look.



This is a photo of one of the side seams.  This is a straight stitch for stretch knits on my machine.  It looks like I have finally got the tension just right.  I must say that I am very impressed with how easily my machine sews this fabric.  It is very smooth and I did not encounter any problems.


These are the different stitches that I have to choose from on my Singer sewing machine.  The stitches in red are the stretch stitches.  I also used a size 12 ballpoint needle that is specifically for stretch knits.


When it came to the casing for the elastic I stitched the seam allowances down that would be in the casing to allow a bit more ease when running the elastic through.


Another one of the many things that I have learned on this project is that it is easier to pin the fabric going with the grain/knit rather than trying to pin across it.


I hope that it is not too difficult to see this stitching.  I did not want to do a boring straight stitch so I used a more decorative stitch for the hem and the casing.  It won’t stand out because the thread is matching but it was another opportunity for me to use another stitch on this project.


This is my finished project and I am so very pleased with it.  I do plan on making many more garments out of stretch knit fabric.  I just don’t have anymore. here I come!


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