Stretch knit pants, ………. I really don’t know what I am doing.


Stretch knit goucho pants 002

Here is my new project.  I am making the gaucho pants that I am pointing at.  The top, dress and gaucho pants are to be made out of stretch fabric.  I am  making these pants for two reasons.  First,  in a previous post, I told you that I was ‘in love’ with sewing stretch knits.  I want to give it another try.  Second, I need some stretch knit pants to go to stretch/yoga sessions.  Being as vertically challenged as I am, I have to make my own.  I am making these pants out of the red stretch knit fabric in the background.  I hope that it is medium weight stretch knit.  I have no idea.  It seems that way.

This is such a different experience for me.  Handling the fabric, laying the fabric straight to pin the pattern down and cutting it out, which needle to use, how much tension to set the machine for, etc.  I have started sewing the gaucho pants and I encountered some challenges immediately and I will share that with you now.

Stretch knit goucho pants 003

This is not the best picture but I think that you can see that the thread is much to large.  No problem, I have smaller thread.  Wind a new bobbin.  Here is the next challenge that came along.

Stretch knit goucho pants 004

This is not a great picture either.  I will have much better pictures in the next blog post where I show you how I finish this project.  There seems to be loose stitches along the seam.  I know that with woven fabric this usually means that the tension is too loose.  Is it that way with knit fabric?  I guess I am going to find out.  I tightened the tension a bit and the seam improved so much.  If you come back tomorrow I will provide good pictures and you can see how well (I hope) things are going.


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    • My machine has multiple stretch stiches. One on them is a straight stretch stitch. I will be showing some of the stitches in the blog post that I will be making later today about the finished product. I have never had the confidence to try sewing stretch knit fabrics. That is my short coming. All of these years I have missed out. Not anymore. I am going to make many stretch knit garments. Thank you for your comment.

  1. I await the finished product in anticipation!
    I only tried this once and the seams did not lay flat. The fabric had stretched at the seams. That was when I still had an old singer with a handle to turn though.

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