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Mine, mine, all mine.


workshop 005

This is Thursday evening and the start of my workshop that is across the yard from my front door.

workshop 006

Do you notice the LARGE garage that is across the creek bed (dry because we have a bad drought going here in Texas) and behind the trees?  That is my husband’s garage that is 2,400 square feet.  My workshop is not even close to that size.workshop2 004This is Friday morning and they are making progress.  Hurry up fellows.

workshop2 006

Hey!  No dogs in my workshop.  Shoo!  Out you go.

workshop2 005

This is looking out my window in my workshop.

finished workshop 003

Here is my workshop.  The workers that were installing this building were finished on Saturday morning.  Of course I started cleaning the building and moving some items in right away.  I have quite a bit to move in and it will take me a while to get everything settled and where I want it.  I am looking forward to working in my new little shop.


If this is to be a red cardigan then why is it gree?


Pictures for March blog 001

I am making the blue and white striped cardigan in this photo.  In the last blog post that I made I indicated that is was to be a red cardigan.

cardigan blog post 1 001

Here is the front and back pieces laid out and pinned, ready to cut.  I know, it is not red.  I had enough of the red stretch knit fabric for the cardigan …… until I washed it.  That fabric really shrunk a lot.  Therefore I will go with the green.

cardigan blog post 1 002

This is just another angle of the front and back pieces that have been pinned down and are ready to cut.

cardigan blog post 1 003In this photo I am showing that I really am quite a rebel.  Instead of cutting the triangles to mark the pattern where two pieces will join, I just cut slits.  I used a Burda pattern not too long ago and that pattern indicated slits instead of cutting in the triangles.  It is so much easier and neater to me so that is what I do all of the time now.

cardigan blog post 1 004

In this photo I am showing the interfacing that I am heat setting to the piece.  I will only use the adhesive/heat set interfacing because it is easier to me.  This interfacing is not too stiff so it shouldn’t cause distortion when I finish the cardigan.

Pictures for March blog 001

I will make another blog posting as I go through making this cardigan.  I look forward to it.

This is such a comfortable outfit.



Here is the latest outfit that I have made from stretch knit fabric.  The colors are quite a bit darker that what I would usually choose but I am not unhappy with the choices.  This picture was so comical in the making.  My husband and my mother were trying to take the pictures for me but my husband can’t see the viewfinder and my mother is very unfamiliar with my camera.  We all got a great laugh out of it.

Pictures for March blog 001This is the pattern that I am using and so far I have not altered the garments at all.  As you can see by the picture I definitely need to lengthen the top.  I made the full length of the pants and they turned out to be the shorter length on me.  I plan to leave the pants as the are for I am pleased with the length.

Pictures for March blog 002

Today I am starting on the cardigan and this is the fabric that I am using.  I am not altering the garment at all.  In the future I will probably be lengthening it.  I will show you the constructing of the cardigan as I go.


This did turn out to be a very comfortable outfit.