If this is to be a red cardigan then why is it gree?


Pictures for March blog 001

I am making the blue and white striped cardigan in this photo.  In the last blog post that I made I indicated that is was to be a red cardigan.

cardigan blog post 1 001

Here is the front and back pieces laid out and pinned, ready to cut.  I know, it is not red.  I had enough of the red stretch knit fabric for the cardigan …… until I washed it.  That fabric really shrunk a lot.  Therefore I will go with the green.

cardigan blog post 1 002

This is just another angle of the front and back pieces that have been pinned down and are ready to cut.

cardigan blog post 1 003In this photo I am showing that I really am quite a rebel.  Instead of cutting the triangles to mark the pattern where two pieces will join, I just cut slits.  I used a Burda pattern not too long ago and that pattern indicated slits instead of cutting in the triangles.  It is so much easier and neater to me so that is what I do all of the time now.

cardigan blog post 1 004

In this photo I am showing the interfacing that I am heat setting to the piece.  I will only use the adhesive/heat set interfacing because it is easier to me.  This interfacing is not too stiff so it shouldn’t cause distortion when I finish the cardigan.

Pictures for March blog 001

I will make another blog posting as I go through making this cardigan.  I look forward to it.


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