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Here is the finished top.



Remember this top that I made?  It looks different now.  I thought that I should show you the change that I made.


This is a dyeing method that is new to me.  The method is a type of ombre coloration.

002I am rather pleased with it.  I do feel as though I want to improve when doing this type of dyeing.


I am in the process of making another top that I plan to dye.  I like the individuality that I am able to achieve when I make clothing and then dye it.


Here is the last update until it is finished.



002                                                                                                                                                                                                Please let me start off by apologizing about the less than great quality of this photo.  I had not planned on using this photo in a blog post but here it is.  As you can see the top is finished except for the embellishments that I want to add.  The pants/trousers ….. um well I changed my mind again.  As often as I change my mind lately I am so glad for seam rippers.  I have not put the hem in as you can obviously see.  What I changed is the casing for the elastic.  It was simply turning the top of the pants under and a simple seam.  No, that was not pleasing me.


I decided to put in what I have heard is called a ‘paper bag casing’.  Let me tell you that the fit was just awesome when I put them on.  The top of the casing is not so much that it distorts the drape of the top that I made.  As you can see I did not make the elastic snug to my waist.  Due to physical limitations I just can’t tolerate it so it is not a snug fit.  The pants that I altered the pattern to turned out to be proportionate to my body and the limitations that I have.  The pants look very appealing to the eye.  I am not trying to be self-centered or self-important.  I am just talking about the pants.


This is the finished pant garment.  Well, most of it.  Now, the color is definitely going to change.  I just have to dye them.  Let me see what I have to choose from.


What color should I use? Hmmmmmm.  I am not going to tell you right now but you will see soon.  Remember that quick tunic that I made and my last post was about?


Yep.  This is the one.  It is going to change too.  You will have to be watching.

Quick tunic top that i made.



Hello everyone!  These pictures in this blog post are the best selfies that I can do with a camera and a mirror.  Please be kind.  I am writing this post to show you the tunic that I am wearing.


This simple sleeveless tunic is made for this wonderful 100% cotton fabric that is a bit of a coarser weave and a bit nubby.  It feel like a linen weave.  It sews like a dream.

My new love blog 002

This is the pattern that I used just the sleeveless top.

Now I must get back to working on the outfit that I am making to wear to that wedding.  I plan to make a blog post about my progress tomorrow.  I have changed the original plans that I had made for the pants again.  It is definitely a work in progress.

Progress report on my outfit to wear to the wedding.



I just thought that I would give you a quick update on the outfit that I am making to wear to my nephew’s wedding.  In this picture I have finished making the top and I have finished tea dyeing it.  I have not even pressed it yet.  I am by no means finished with it.  I will start laying out the embellishments that I would like to put on the top to see where I want everything to be placed.

The pants/trousers are still a work in progress.  I am very pleased with the preliminary fit of the pants and I am going to “refine” the fit some more.  After all of the alterations that I made to the pattern for the pants, I can not express the feeling of satisfaction that I have.

I think that I may seem like I am making slow progress on this outfit but I have been busy with getting everything settled in my new workshop.  Let me show you a picture.


This sure doesn’t look like much does it?  My husband and I have done a lot of work though.  There is more in there that you can not see.  Just this past Sunday my husband was running the electric wires from the electric pole to the workshop.  I just helped pull the wires through the pipe.  Let me say though that I was certainly supervising.

Let me show you what my plan is for the outfit for the wedding.



This is the pattern that I am making the tunic from.  it is the longer tunic.


This is the pattern that I am making the pants/trousers from.  I thought of making this top but then I decided that I wanted a top that was more simple so that I can add embellishments.  A blank canvas so to speak.  I am  in the process of altering the pants/trousers pattern and I thought that I would share what the Nancy Zieman book looks like.


I have spent plenty of time pouring over the sections that cover the alterations that I must make.


In this photo I have cut along the line provided to lengthen the pants at the top of the front leg piece.


Here I have shown how I have lengthened by two inches using some scrap tissue paper pieces that I always save from patterns that I use because I always have to lengthen patterns.  If that is the case for you I would advise doing the same.  This is just some of the tissue scraps that I have.  I have a good-sized stack of it.  Let me show you another example of why I save the scraps.


This is a photo of one of the pants pieces that I have completed.  I am pointing at the bottom of the leg where I also lengthened by two inches.  I hope that you can see the long piece of tissue that I added to the entire length of the front pattern piece to add a bit more.  I was very lucky that I had this piece that was long enough.  It was another scrap piece that I saved from another pattern that I made.  There was enough of this tissue to cut in half and use for both front and back pieces of the pants.

I will be cutting out the pants and dyeing the tunic top this weekend.  I will take several pictures to show what I am doing and to share with you.

I have a wedding to go to? What am I going to wear?


wedding tunic 001

My husband’s nephew is getting married at the end of May and we have been invited.  I want to go to our nephew’s wedding but what am I going to wear?  I am a seamstress so I will make it.  I also really like to dye fabric so I will not only make the outfit but I will dye it too.  I already have fabric in my stash that is ready to be dyed so I make my own color.  That way I don’t have to go to numerous fabric stores trying to find the right color.  I would rather make my own colors.

This first picture is the tunic that I have chosen.  In this picture I have not completed the hem yet.  I have finished sewing the rest of the tunic.  This is just what I wanted.

wedding tunic 002

This is the side/back view.  I have just tried this on and it is just what I wanted.  I am by no means finished with it.  Now I must get to work on the bottoms/pants.  I will continue with the loose and casual fit because that is what I like and that is what I must have.  Unfortunately, I must alter the pattern.  My backside is broader than is was at one time.

I will go and find the book that I have by Nancy Zieman about altering patterns.

I will continue to make blog posts about my latest attire project and keep you updated.

It DOES work!!!!!!!!!!!!



I had come to the point of exasperation when I was attempting to learn how to use this presser foot a few days ago.  I had walked away from it because when I get to that point I am never able to achieve a goal.  Well, today I went back to it.  I walked to my sewing machine sat down, executed 2 steps and I had another try at it.  I could not believe my eyes but there it was.  It DOES work!!!

It DOES work!!! 001

Let me start by apologizing for the photos but I did the best that I could with only me and lighting that is not the best.  Here is the fabric going through the presser foot just as it should with the cutter cutting the fabric just as it should.

It DOES work!!! 002

I was doing so good, ….. until the needle came out.  Not to worry, no damage done.

It DOES work!!! 003

Here is a photo without the presser foot in the way.

It DOES work!!! 005

This is a much better photo in which I am showing more of the side of the seam.

I was stunned and so pleased at the same time.  I recommend reading the instructions, numerous times, and watching the YouTube video.  It is not the exact same presser foot at the one that I am showing but the action is the same as the one in the video.  I am including the link.