Follow up on the red cardigan that is green.


For blogs 002

I am following up on the cardigan that I am making out of French terry stretch knit fabric.  I want to show you how things are going.  In this photo I do not have the side seams sewn yet.  I am liking how it is looking.  I would like to point out that I made the pockets longer because I  have long hands and I am always carrying things in my pockets.  In this photo there is still quiet a bit left to do.


In this photo I am just about finished.  I have to hem the cardigan and all closure which will more than likely be buttons.  This cardigan does look much better on me but it is difficult to take a picture of yourself.  I am very pleased with this cardigan.  Using the cotton French terry knit fabric is certainly going to provide warmth.  I do think that I will be very comfy.

I don’t really need it too much now because it is getting so very warm.  I will be cooler here in Texas after today.  When it does get cool again in the fall season I will so ready for it.

Using stretch fabric, especially the French terry, has been a huge learning experience for me.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking about starting/trying something new in sewing or anything to go for it.  It can be so very rewarding.


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