I am going to go into the great unknown ………..



.  I am going into the great unknown of …….. a new presser foot called the ‘Lock Cutter’.  The claim is that this presser foot cuts the fabric off along the seam line when the machine is set to a specific stitch liken to a serger.  As you can see in this picture I did get the presser foot on correctly …….. after 3 tries.


Side view.  It is rather impressive isn’t it?  Okay, I can figure this out.  It does not look that complicated.


After all, I do have the instructions.  Let’s see here.  Thank goodness for the pictures but still ……. could these instructions be more confusing?


My foot is off of the pedal and I know that the guard comes off so that I can reset the height of the cutting blade.  I know that the guard comes off because when I took it out of the box the guard came off in my hand and I spent 30 minutes figuring out how it went back on.

I proceeded to run a short line of stitches along some stretch knit fabric and the stitches were just beautiful.  Of course there was a problem.  The blade did not cut the fabric.  I did put the guard back on.  If I had not I would probably cut myself.  That is the way that things go with me.  Ahhhhh! The instructions!  Where did those go?


The fabric goes over that part and not under it.  Yes, my foot is not on the pedal because the guard is off.  Do you see the fabric directly under the blade now?  Right there at the end of the screw driver.  That is such a handy tool for me because I had to take the presser foot off and put it back on approximately 3 times when I was figuring out why that blade was not cutting.


The guard is back on and I am ready to go.  I do apologize for the poor picture quality but it is 11:00 at night and I just don’t have good light at this moment.  Back to sewing with this ‘Lock Cutter’ presser foot.  No, it just isn’t working just right.  The instructions are still very murky to me.  Where is that Singer site on YouTube about this presser foot.  I think I am going to need that.


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  1. Please keep us posted on how this works. May I ask how much the foot was? If you can get it figured out, maybe this would be a less expensive alternative to a serger even though its not four threads.

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